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Grant County Honor Guard

The Honor Guard honors those officers who paid the ultimate sacrifice to protect and serve the citizens of Grant County.

The actions of these brave men should never be forgotten.

The Grant County Sheriffs Office is dedicated to the work that these officers were so committed to.

Officer Tributes

Contributions to help the families of police officers killed in the line of duty may be made at National Cops. Click on contribute.

Deputy Thomas L. Reuter
Age: 39
Killed in the line of duty: 03-18-1990

Minutes before Deputy Reuter was to go off duty, he was shot and killed when he stopped to assist a tractor. The driver shot him as he approached the door.

Tom was born on April 17,1951. Deputy Reuter was a hometown boy who never strayed far from his roots. He married Diane Allen on July 7, 1973. Reuter was a graduate of Platteville High School. Tom worked nights to be able to share in the caring of his five children. Tom enjoyed hunting and fishing. Deputy Reuter is survived by wife, and five children. Deputy Reuter's funeral was held at St. Mary's Catholic Church in Platteville. His burial took place at the Rock Church Cemetery in Livingston. His fellow officers describe Tom as an "excelent", "dedicated" and "sincere" deputy.

The staff of the Sheriff's Office kept a scrapbook dedicated to Tom. The breath of these items clearly show the depth of feeling the department had towards him. Many of the files are large and will take a little time to download. These same links are on the history page.
Who Tom Reuter Was [pdf]    Killing of Tom Reuter [pdf]    Tom Reuter's Funeral [pdf]   
Trial of Tom Reuter's Murderer [pdf]    Dedications to Tom Reuter [pdf]

William H. Loud
Age: 58
Killed in the line of duty: 08-18-1912

William Loud was a Deputy City Marshall of Cassville. It was about dusk when Deputy Loud accompanied Marshal Lau of Cassville to arrest two two robbery suspects near the town's rail yard. As the town marshal was inside of the suspects' tent, he heard several gunshots. When he exited the tent he discovered that Deputy Marshal Loud had been shot and observed the two suspects fleeing on foot. Deputy Loud died from a gunshot through his heart.

Loud was a respected citizen who left a wife and two children. His funeral was at the Baptist Church in Cassville. Deputy Marshal Loud is buried in Cassville Cemetery, Cassville, Grant County, Wisconsin. Read more about this.