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Grant County Sheriff's Canine Unit

The Grant County Canine Unit was formed in 2001 when a Belgian Malinois, Coda, joined the department. The Canine Unit is comprised of two canines which have the jobs of, narcotics detection and patrol work. Handlers and the canine supervisor are members of the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Canine Handlers Association. (WLECHA)

The Canine Unit thanks you for your donations. Your support has made this unit possible.

CANINE Program

The Canine Unit does presentations for area schools, and organizations. These presentations focus on the job of a working police dog.
To inquire about scheduling a presentation please contact: Sgt Brian Bierman at 608-723-2157 or email: Donations for the Canine Unit may be sent to: Grant County Sheriff's Department, K-9 Unit, 1000 N Adams St, Lancaster, WI 53813

Work Hard and Relax

A-Rod relaxing after a hard workday.

Diego finds a shady spot to rest.


The dogs are trainded to track suspects and lost people.

The trainers lay down the track at least 12 hours before the dogs will follow it in training.

Area Search

The dogs train on searching a remote area. Najeh is ready to go!

Diego wastes no time in searching the area. Upon finding a suspect the dogs are trained to bark to let their trainers know where they are.

Drug and Evidence Search

The specially trained dogs are able to detect drugs. The canine is trained to locate drug odor and alert the officer.

The highly trained dogs are used to search buildings for evidence at a crime scene.

Criminal Tracking and Apprehension

The dogs are able to track a suspect over any type of terrain and in all weather conditions. Their great sense of smell allows the dogs to find find the suspect, or things dropped by the suspect.

The police dog will also watch or guard criminal suspects during arrest situations. When an arrest occurs, the suspect is ordered to stop. If the suspect runs the police dog is released. Upon catching up to the suspect, the police dog holds the suspect until the police officer arrives.

Canine Training

The canine/handler team train daily to keep the team sharp and proficient at their skills.

Once a month they train with a group of other canine handler’s in the area.