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Sheriff Biographies

Charles F. Dickenson 1901 - 1902

Charles C. Dickinson, the tenth of eleven children was born on August 29, 1861 to Ensign and Fannie (Whitcher) Dickinson, old and much respected pioneers of Grant County. He attended the rural schools in Grant County and the State Normal School in Platteville. In 1897 he erected a large modern dwelling, finished in hard wood, with every modern improvement, and this is counted one of the choice homes in the county. He also erected on his farm, a large cheese factory doing very extensive business in that line. A member of the Republican Party, Mr. Dickinson was a member of the town board for several years and on Nov 6, 1900 became the first sheriff of the new century. He received a majority of 2,302 votes, the largest ever given any candidate for the office of sheriff in Grant County.

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