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Huber Inmate Rules

Important Note: The rules and details on this web page are subject to change at anytime without notice!
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Rules and guidelines have been established to maintain an orderly and efficient operation of the Huber section, to maintain jail security, and insure the safety and welfare of the inmates and the jail staff. You are also to abide by the General Inmate Rules of the Grant County Jail.

General Information

  1. Wisconsin State Statute 346.65(7) states a person convicted under Sub (2) (b), (c), (d) or (e) or (j2) (b) or (c) shall required to remain in the county jail for not LESS than a 48 consecutive hour period. You will not be allowed out to work for the first 48 hours if this statute applies to you.
  2. This State Statue specifically applies to any individual that has been sentenced to the county jail to serve time on Operating a Motor Vehicle while intoxicated 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th, and would need to spend the first 48 hours in jail before they could go out on Huber.
  3. You must provide a drug free (negative) urine sample.
    • There is a $5.00 fee for this test.
    • If the test is positive, you will be allowed to repeat the test after 48 hours. You will also be required to pay the $5.00 fee for each additional test.
    • Staff will conduct random drug tests at no cost to the inmates. However, If the test is positive, you will be allowed to repeat the test after 48 hours. You will also be required to pay the $5.00 fee for each additional test. You will be required to provide a drug free (negative) urine sample before being allowed go out on Huber.
  4. You shall not have in your possession any narcotics, drugs, or alcohol. (This Includes prescription medications) without staff approval.
    • Any violation of this rule will result in your being held in from work or school for a period of up to 5 working days for each violation.
    • Repeated violations will be forwarded to the court for possibility of revoking Huber privileges.
  5. All property, including lockers located within the jail may be searched without permission at anytime.
    • If you place an unauthorized padlock on your locker it will be cutoff by the jail staff at your expense.
  6. You will be subject to strip searches when you return from work. Staff may also ask you to take a breath or urine test at any time.
    • Any positive test results and you will be held in from work.
  7. Tobacco products are NOT ALLOWED inside the jail. This also includes the Huber Dorm locker room. Any tobacco products coming into the jail will be confiscated and disposed of.
    • Any Huber inmate caught trying to smuggle anything into the Huber locker or dorm rooms will be held in from work.

Fees and Payments

  1. Under the authority of Wisconsin State Statute 303.08(4), a fee has been established for Huber/work release inmates.
  2. Huber payments must be cash, money order or company payroll check only.
  3. This fee is now set at $15.00 per day or $105.00 per week.
  4. Final payment may be adjusted to reflect any state tax charges.
  5. This is subject to change as the Grant County Sheriff’s Department deems necessary.
  6. You will be required to pay $210.00 in advance before going out to work. This payment includes the first and last weeks payment.
  8. You have 3 options of Huber payments.
    • Cash from your canteen account.
    • A Money Order made out to the Grant County Jail
    • Company payroll check. The company name must be listed on check to be accepted.
    • We do not accept personal checks.
  9. Cash should be deposited into the Teller Machine in the lobby of the Dispatch area. (This is to ensure money is credited to your account.)
  10. Money Orders and Payroll Checks can be given to the staff towards the end of the week. These payments must be turned in no later that Saturday evening at 10:00pm.
  11. All payroll checks that the staff receive for your Huber payments will be entered into your canteen account.
  12. NOTE: Any checks returned from the bank because of non-sufficient funds will result in you being required to make good on the bad check. All future Huber payments will need to be made in cash if this occurs.
  13. Jail Staff will take care of the Huber payment bookwork during the midnight shift on Saturday night. (This only consists of taking cash out of your account, writing your receipt, and forwarding the money to the department secretary.)
  14. If you do not have enough money available in your account at the time the bookwork is being done, you will be held in from work on Monday morning until the Jail Administrator has time to collect the payment. Jail staff will not be taking you to your locker to get cash or your checks on Sunday morning.
  15. You may be asked at random to bring in your paycheck stub to verify you are still employed.
  16. If at any time you have a question about your Huber account, you will submit the question on a special request form.
  17. IF YOU HAVE COURT OBLIGATIONS TO PAY (child support, fines or probation fees), it is your responsibility to make these payments.
    • Failure to do so may result in the loss of your Huber privileges.

Medical Rules

  1. All Huber inmates in the Grant County Jail, are responsible for all cost of any medical bills incurred and their medications.
  2. A non-emergency medical request will be submitted to the jail nurse for approval. All medical appointments will be verified by jail staff before you are allowed to go. Submit a medical request as soon as possible to avoid any delays
  3. You will take a medical form from the jail to your appointment to be filled out by the doctor.
  4. You will also take along a form to be filled out by the doctor's office stating what time you arrived and departed the doctor’s office.
  5. Both forms are to be turned into the jail staff upon your return to jail.
  6. Failure to do so may result in you being denied your next doctor request.

Huber Requirements

  1. When sentenced to a regular jail term or as part of a probationary sentence, the privilege of Huber, or work release may be granted by the court. This privilege was established by Wisconsin State Statute so the persons confined in jail can maintain their employment.
  2. If you are sentenced to jail as condition of probation, you may not go to work until you have signed your probation rules and have talked to your probation agent.
  3. Huber employment will be at the discretion of the Sheriff or Jail Administrator. If you are employed, you may continue your regular employment, if conditions allow.
  4. You will only be allowed to work at one job.
  5. This job must pay at least minimum wage.
  6. Your employer must have workman’s compensation or liability insurance coverage on you.
    • You employer must provide a copy of this insurance before you will be allowed out.
    • If self employed you must provide proof of this coverage in the form of a letter from your health insurance agent.
    • If you have no proof of INSURANCE you will not be allowed to WORK.
  7. All self-employed Huber’s must supply a copy of last year’s income tax and their tax number.
    • You must also provide insurance coverage as explained in the above rule.
    • Self employment must be proven, and held prior to the violation date on your judgment of conviction.
  8. All Huber inmates that work at multiple job sites, example in construction, must give the jail staff a list of where you will be each day before you leave. These forms are in the dorm and ALL information must be completed or you will not be allowed to leave.
  9. You will be allowed to leave the jail for your normal work shift plus drive time, not to exceed 12 hours total. Travel time will be determined by the staff. If an inmates’ regular work schedule included 12 hour shifts (not including overtime) prior to being sentenced to jail, a waiver of 12 hour requirement may be granted by the Jail Administrator or the Sheriff.
  10. You are not allowed employment outside of the county or state: unless you have had the job prior to entering jail, and approval of the Jail Administrator.
  11. If you are employed in another county in the state of Wisconsin:
    • We will try and get you transferred to that county jail providing your Judgment of Conviction allows for it.
    • It may be possible to drive from the jail to your place of employment depending on the location of the job. You may travel up to a maximum of 15 miles of the Grant County Line, providing your place of work is at the same location every day, the time out of the jail does not go over the maximum 12 hour limit, and you have had the job for at least 6 months.
  12. You may not have any valid outstanding warrants from any law enforcement agency. If you do, they must be satisfied prior to being allowed out to work. This will include Cash Bonds, Forfeitures, or Body Only Warrants.
  13. If you owe the Grant County Jail for any medical expense, they must be paid prior to going out to work, or arrangements must be made with the jail administrator for a payment plan.

Work Hours

  1. Total time out WILL NOT exceed 66 hours per week.
    • If you claim to be working more than 10 hours a day, you will need to supply time sheets, or pay stubs for the last 3 months, to show proof of hours worked.
  2. Huber inmates only have up to 10 hours a day to work . The inmates drive time to and from work is included in this 10 hours. Anything over that will have to be approved by the jail Administrator. The only exceptions that the jail Administrator will make are for the following
    • Factory jobs that have a regularly scheduled longer work day.
    • Self employed farmer. If the need is proven.
  3. You will adhere to your regular work schedule. You must turn in your new schedule the week before it changes.
  4. You MAY NOT volunteer for overtime hours at work.
  5. Any overtime work hours must be mandatory. (No volunteering) Your supervisor must submit a request to the jail administrator in advance of the overtime hours to be performed. This shall be done in 1 of 2 ways.
    • The supervisor shall call the jail administrator at least 24 hours in advance for approval of the overtime. The supervisor must also send a letter on company letterhead the same day stating the need for the overtime, along with the hours of overtime to be worked by the inmate. The inmate must bring the letter to the jail when returning from work. The letter must be at the jail at least 24 hours ahead of the request for overtime. The request must be approved by the jail administrator. Just because you bring in the letter for overtime does not mean you will be approved for the extra work hours.
    • The supervisor must send a letter on company letterhead at least 48 hours in advance of the overtime to be worked by the inmate. The letter must state the need for overtime, and the hours of overtime to be worked by the inmate. The request must be approved by the jail administrator. Just because you bring in the letter for overtime does not mean you will be approved for the extra work hours.
  6. Any request made on Friday afternoon to work overtime on Saturday or Sunday will be denied.
  7. Depending on your job, you are only allowed to work 6 days out of 7. You will stay in on Sunday unless you provide the jail with information as to why you need to be out on Sunday and stay in on another day.
  8. Self-employed farmers are the only inmates allowed out seven days. Sunday they may have 4 hours in the morning and night to do their chores. This includes driving time. You must also have prior approval from the jail administrator before working 7 days.
  9. Huber inmates are not allowed to work on holidays. Holidays are, New Years Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day. You may not use any of these days as your required day in from work. Any exceptions must be approved by the Jail Administrator in advance.
  10. You will be released in time to get to work. Supper is served by 6:00pm. If you return after that, your employer will have to provide a meal for you. You are NOT allowed to stop and pick something up.
  11. If you will be later than your set return time, you must notify the jail staff by having your employer call the jail (608) 723-6372, telling how late you will be and why.
  12. Bad Road Conditions: You will use your own judgment. If you leave for work you must return. There will be no exceptions.

Return From Work

  1. Immediately upon your return to the Sheriff's Department lobby utilize the call button, located at the door, to notify jail staff that you have returned. You will not be considered back until staff has been notified.
    • Failure to do this may result in a late return and possible disciplinary action.

Transportation Rules

  1. You will not go home.
  2. You will not make any unauthorized stops going to or returning from work, unless approved by the Jail Administrator.
    • This request will be done in writing, stating where you want to go, at what time, and why.
    • If you are reported to be somewhere you are not to be, you will be held in from work.
  3. You are not allowed to have any visitors at your place of employment for any reason.
  4. You are not to go into taverns, or places that sell beer, or liquor for any reason, not even to get a sandwich. Sack lunches are furnished by the jail.
  5. You may not take anything into the Huber dorm. This includes any over the counter or prescription medications, personal hygiene items, electronic devices, cell phones, etc.
  6. All personal hygiene products must be purchased from the commissary.
  7. You may not stop anywhere to purchase newspapers or magazines to bring back to the jail. They will not be allowed in. These items must be mailed to you from the publisher only.
  8. If you drive your own vehicle: You will need to provide the following information.
    • Valid Drivers License
    • Current Registration on vehicle(s) you will be driving.
    • Proof of Insurance on vehicle(s) you will be driving.
    • If the above information will expire while on Huber you must bring in proof of renewal before returning to work.
    • Staff will make copies of the above information and keep in your Huber file. Once you are released from jail, this information will be destroyed.
    • You are to park your vehicle along the north edge of the parking lot.
  9. If you will be riding with another individual, they will need to provide the following information before you are allowed to ride in their vehicle(s). You may have more that 1 driver.
    • Valid Drivers License
    • Current Registration on vehicle(s) you will be riding in.
    • Proof of Insurance on vehicle(s) you will be riding in.
    • If the above information will expire while on Huber, your driver must provide proof of renewal before you will be allowed to ride with them.
    • Staff will make copies of the above information and keep in your Huber file. Once you are released from jail, this information will be destroyed.
    • You are NOT allowed to leave the jail with an approved driver and return with another driver that we do not have information on.
    • No inmate is allowed to ride with another inmate to work, unless the driver is NOT a current inmate of the Grant County Jail.

Employer Work Release Agreement Information

The Grant County Circuit Court has sentenced______________________________________to the Grant County Jail with Huber privileges.
The Huber Law program is governed by State Statute 303.08.

To employ this person, you agree to the following regulations.

  1. All check stubs are to show the total hours, gross earnings, and deductions. All taxes are to be deducted.
  2. By State Statute, persons under “Huber Law? sentence, wages can not be garnished.
  3. Proof that the employee is covered by “Workman’s Compensation? or “Liability? insurance must provided to the jail. Insurance Co_________________Policy#_________This must be furnished by insurance co., on Insurance Company letter head paper. This may be faxed to the jail at (608) 723-5203. Jail staff will not be contacting insurance company for the information.
  4. You are to report to the jail (608) 723-6372 any misconduct, absenteeism, layoff, termination or injury.
  5. You required to contact the jail (608) 723-6372 for prior approval of any unscheduled:
    • mandatory overtime
    • schedule changes
    • job site location changes
    • Violations of this agreement may result in loss of work privileges for the inmate.
    • The Huber inmate may never volunteer for any of the above.
  6. You need to supply:

    Tuesday ____________to____________
    Friday ______________to____________
  7. You need to supply:

    Date of next check_________________
    Hourly wage______________________
    Pay period is:
    ______Every 2 weeks
    ______Once a month
  8. You need to supply:

    Address______________________________________Phone #______________Cell #_____________
    Supervisor____________________________________Phone #______________Cell #_____________
  9. Important Note: The rules and details on this web page are subject to change at anytime without notice!
  10. I have read the above requirements and agree to abide by them.

Conduct Rules While In The Huber Dorm

  1. The television will be shut off at 11:00pm.
  2. Quiet time is from 11:00pm until 5:30am. No inmate will be in the dayroom during these hours.
  3. The Huber dorm will be cleaned as needed.
  4. If cleaning supplies are needed contact the jail staff.
  5. Inmates must keep their rooms clean and orderly at all times.
  6. If a room is not cleaned to the satisfaction of the jail staff, the inmate assigned to that room may be held in from work.
  7. All beds are to be made before you go to work.
  8. Any damage to the dorm, or any items in need of repair, should immediately be brought to the attention of jail staff.
  9. Stellar Commissary canteen orders must be turned in by 10:00 PM on Monday evenings, (no exceptions)
  10. Daily canteen slips which contain orders for phone cards, request forms, etc. are to be handed in at lock-up, or you will not receive your order the next day.
  11. Be sure you have money in your canteen account.
  12. NO CREDIT will be given.
  13. You will not be allowed to give money to staff when you return from work and ask for canteen items at that time.

Intercom Button Rules

  1. This is for emergencies or to notify staff that you need to get out for work.
  2. Any other use of this intercom may result in discipline action.

Escape and Weapons

  1. Any prisoner who escapes, attempts to escape, assists another prisoner in escape, or who is responsible for bringing any weapon, saw, or tool used in an attempt to escape, WILL BE SUBJECTED TO PROSECUTION.


Depending on the seriousness of the violation, the Sheriff or Jail Administrator may impose the following:

  1. Loss of Huber privileges for up to 5 days.
  2. Loss of up to 2 days of good time.
  3. Criminal charges being filed. Which could result in your jail sentence being extended if found guilty.
  4. Having your Huber privileges revoked by the sentencing court.
  5. If you are on probation, your agent can also hold you in for up to 5 days for each violation, or even take you back to court for a review hearing.
  6. If a review hearing is going to be conducted by the court, you will not be allowed out to work until after your court appearance.