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Accident Reports

1. Call the Grant County Sheriff's Office
    immediately if an accident occurs.

2. The patrol officer must fill out the accident
    report in Grant County.

3. You must report your accident in Grant County if:
    A. There is injury or death to a person.
    B. $1000 or more in total damage to any property.
    C. $200 in damages to government property.
4. If the patrol officer instructs you to fill out the accident report,
    use this link to get a copy of the 'STATE' form. It must be
    mailed or emailed to the patrol officer. Do not send it to
     the state of Wisconsin:

                     Mail your accident report to:
                          Grant County Sheriff's Office
                          Att:(officers name)
                          1000 N Adams St.
                          Lancaster, WI 53813-1112

*IMPORTANT NOTE: You must report your accident to the Grant County Sheriff. Reporting it to the State, and NOT reporting to the Sheriff's Office could result in a $145 fine. If you have any questions please call (608) 723-2157.
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